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Our Family

It takes a village, and we have the best!

We both come from very large families that we are very close with, and most of them live in North/Central Alabama! Both of our parents are very close by. There are numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins to love on and help raise our future child. 

We regularly travel with our family on beach trips or trips to baseball games. It is not uncommon for us to be spending a weekend in Atlanta for a Braves versus. Reds game with Loren's family, about 13 of us in total now. 

Holidays are a BLAST! There is always so much going on. On one side of Loren's family alone, Christmas Eve and Thanksgiving get togethers with extended family have been known to include more than 50 people! We love to have fun and will take any excuse to dress up, fancy or in costume. You will regularly hear the phrase "Making memories" muttered when Loren's family is all together either when something goofy happens or to lighten the mood when things are sometimes falling apart. 

Time with Jordan’s family is mostly spent outdoors, playing cornhole tournaments, and being around the fire pit together. We have a tradition of watching fireworks together in Jordan’s hometown with his family. Jordan's family loves to play tricks on people, like baking a sponge cake for get-togethers. They are always making someone laugh.

Our friends are like family to us, too. They have supported us through a deployment and all through this process. Most of them have young children and we can’t wait to add to that with one of our own.

Our families raised us to know how important a relationship with God is. We grew up in church and want to make sure our future child knows how loved they are not only by us and our families, but by our heavenly Father as well. 

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