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Meet Jordan

My name is Jordan. I am 34 years young. I grew up in Central Alabama in a very small community. I work as the Service Manager for Mcgriff Tire. I just recently got out of the Marine Corps this year after 6 years. The military allowed me to see a lot of different places and travel places I wouldn’t normally go on my own, such as Boston, MA and even a year in Asia. I spend most of my free time either at the gym or at home with Loren and Liberty, our dog. On the weekends, I enjoy my time golfing, hunting, or a good hike to somewhere cool. I look forward to being a Dad and mentor to my future child. I know God has one out there that is perfect for us.

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Meet Loren

Hi! My name is Loren; I am 27 years old and I have lived in Central Alabama my whole life. I studied Elementary/Collaborative Education at Athens State University and became a teacher. I love kids, and get to work with them daily, growing their brains! My family is full of teachers, so it felt like a natural fit for my profession! I love to spend time cuddling with our dog, Liberty, learning how to use a Circut, shopping, going to the gym, and home projects. I have always wanted to be a mother and can't wait for that day to happen. I feel God led me to teach to help me grow in qualities that a mother has: compassion, patience, seeing the importance of good values, and being a firm but graceful parent.

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Favorite Food

Jordan: Pizza

Loren: Tacos with chips and cheese dip

We could both eat these for a meal every night!

Favorite Show or Movie

Jordan: Justified
Loren: NCIS: LA, Friends

Favorite Season

Jordan: Fall - Hunting season is approaching.
Loren: I love when it is starting to get warm again after the cold winter! I know pool and beach time will be soon!

Favorite Vacation Spot

Jordan: Mountains - I like the tranquility of them.
Loren: I love the beach! We usually go every year with my family and it's the best time together!

Favorite Pastimes

Jordan: Traveling together.
Loren: Any day spent together makes me happy.

Favorite Desserts

Jordan- Great American Double Doozie Cookie
Loren- Ice Cream- any variation but I love a good Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

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